Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Snow

It was raining last night after dinner. Somewhere between dinner and breakfast the hard pounding of the rain softened and eventually grew silent. The telltale quiet of heavy snow falling onto green grass. That has a distinct sound right? I swear my ears can tell the difference between spring snow and winter snow.

We have reached that transitional point where new snow doesn't feel like a harbinger of bone chilling cold. Winter is NOT coming. Now, the snow falls and we know that the melt off will happen before noon. The nighttime temps still dip below freezing, but not by very much. 

The roads aren't icy in the morning, snow just clings to the new grass and the bright yellow of the daffodils, can we just take a moment to appreciate the beaty of snow on flowers? -----yes! The snow melts, saturating the ground with much appreciated moisture, saving us from another day of debating whether or not to turn on the sprinklers.

The mountains hold the snow a bit longer. Over the next few weeks the white will recede back to the treeline and eventually lurk only in the shadows, melting off to fill up the rivers and streams.

I live for this time of year. Where can I live in a perpetual spring? Tell me because I want to go to there. 

1 comment:

Sarah Purdy said...

My theory: it's because you're a Spring baby that you love Spring. This theory is based on zero hours of scientific research and zero hours of journal reviews. So...I guess it's really more of a hypothesis? Also, it doesn't apply to me. I'm a summer baby, but I like Fall because the colors go with my complexion. Which IS scientifically proven (by a Merle Norman store employee, circa 1996.)

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