Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yellow House

Whenever we take a walk as a family and our house comes into view on the return stretch Elise will shout, "I see our yellow house!" It makes me happy every time. I love our yellow house.

Today marks four years in our home, our first home. Please read the post here. You would think that after four years I would be used to home ownership, but it is still such a thrill. When Eric and I talk finances I often say," our rent, I mean mortgage." We still wander around our home and marvel,"Can you believe this is our home?" It isn't as though our house is super amazing, in fact it is pretty basic, but we love where we live. We haven't see a single neighbor in their underwear, which is a tremendous feat after our rental experiences.


We have made changes to our home in the past four years. We have painted every single wall. We tore up carpet. We have gotten new fixtures and appliances. We have worked the garden. We have decorated. We still have a long list of goals, but those will come in time. More than anything our lives have changed so much in the past four years.

 bath with sister

 Cordelia and Elise

 betty sprinkles


When we moved in Cordelia was just a toddler. We had two cats and a dog. Since moving here we have:

-Had new jobs.
-Had a miscarriage.
-Had a baby.
-Adopted another dog.
-Said goodbye to our sweet Mia.
- Potty trained two children.
-Made more art than we can believe.
-We've made friends.
-We have entertained friends from all over.
-We have traveled.
-We have gotten a second car.
-We adopted a second cat.
-We have re-arranged more than we can count.
-We still have no idea what to do with our guest room/ plant nursery/craft room/storage/catch all.
-We have read stories to our daughters.
-We have enjoyed the shade of cottonwood trees and harvest a zillion apples from the apple tree.
-We have laughed and cried and spent wakeful nights with little kids.




 cordelia and i


Over the past year the previous owner passed away. I think of her daily as I go about my business. I have been seeing a lot of the purple flowers she so loved popping up with the onset of spring and I think of the happy life she had here and I am so thankful that we too are enjoying this beautiful family home. This home will always be where my children were first home and for that I am always going to be happy when I reflect on our happy yellow house years.

morning outside


MarieRoxanne said...

I sure hope this doesn't mean you're moving?
I love your yellow house too, many of my thoughts are with that house, the little door at the base of the tree, Cordelia naming the tree jellybean, that kitchen floor etc... I have memories of my first house too, but most of it was sad memories, here, in my condo, it's all good memories that is being created so I fell like you now, content and happy with my "home"!

Maria Rose said...

No plans to move.

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