Thursday, May 14, 2015


I have been going through some changes lately. No, I am not turning into a werewolf (kind of a bummer tbh) or anything that is outwardly evident. Yet something is happening. I love times like this in life, they come often enough---if you let them. Exciting and scary to step into a new phase of life. I keep trying to find the words to express how these changes are happening or what that means for me and for our family. 

Mostly I think that Eric and I are looking hard at just what it is that we want from our one life together. What do we want for our family? How do we live this unconventional dream we share and how do we bravely face a future that doesn't have a road map or a stamp of conventional approval?

Ack I just re-read that and it makes it sound like we are going to start a cult or something. We probably won't start a cult. Mostly I am just talking about not giving up on the dreams that we have. Life is so sweet right now that it almost seems ungrateful to ask for more, yet I feel a pull in my heart, urging me to demand more, to follow my dreams as they grow. Following your dreams is such a cliché. It almost makes dreams seem smaller when you refer to them as such. Yet, that is all I have got today.

I have a lot of hopes for my life and I know that each person does. Eric and I want to nurture those dreams for ourselves and for our children. So here is to moving forward and growing and growing.

What are you dreaming about today?


Sarah Purdy said...

I'm dreaming about no work. Summer break can't come soon enough! Only 15 more days! Dreaming about prooooojects! Dreaming about that bridesmaid dress. Dreaming about 3 year olds and 6 year olds! Dreaming about year #36 being the best yet!

Mom said...

I am dreaming about my children achieving all their dreams.

Anonymous said...

Hi your words touched a note for me juggling work, parenting, relationships and creativity. I'm in Northern England dreaming of a warm summer to help my pumpkins tomatoes and other allotment veg grow well

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