Saturday, May 30, 2015

Flying Solo, or Duo (?)

Last night the girls spent the night with my parents. Both girls. Whole night. This was the first time away from both girls over night. 

Eric and I had a work related event last night for the opening of Art 321 a huge new art space in our community. The event was enormous! Unlike anything I have seen in our community. I was just so thrilled to see our community come out and really support the arts! 

While Eric and I were doing the art thing the girls spent the night with my parents. Cordelia has had a few sleepovers there, but this was Elise's first night away. I received texted updates from my mother so I knew all was well. I am sure my mother will post about their adventures.

The event was standing room only, unless you were at a sponsor's table. So many friends, patrons, supporters of the arts were there. Art was auctioned off and everyone got to check out the new space. My show opens there next week!!

After the opening we grabbed a bite to eat. Actually we basically stuffed our faces because we were so very hungry at that point. Then we met up with some friends and talked for a couple of hours. We talked so much that my voice started to give out.

Eric and I had a fun evening, but it was very strange to come home to an empty house. Although I will say that I closed my eyes to sleep and did not wake once until morning.

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