Monday, May 25, 2015

Looking Back


 me and c

 Mom, girls, me

 ben and me


Shortly after my brother Ben was born my family moved from Issaquah, WA to St.Paul, MN. I was four years old and this was my fourth or fifth move. My parents had started off on a farm in Montana, but they were led on a long and strange journey that led to MN where my father completed seminary. I started kindergarten while we were in MN. Many of my earliest memories are from our time there, though I do have many memories before this age, but it was around 4-5 when I start to remember things more broadly.

I know this was a very lean time for my parents. They worked, my dad went to grad school, they had two kids, and over the course of a few years they racked up insane medical bills (appendicitis, broken limbs, asthma, and so much more). I can see now, as an adult, that this must have been a really challenging time for them, but I didn't know it at the time.

When we were in Minnesota earlier this month we stopped by the seminary and took a look around. I have so many memories there, it was really fun to walk around and see what remained and what had changed. Most of my memories were odd little bits like being chased by the squirrel, eating bark from a tree, kid stuff. Ben also had bits of memories from our time there and it was neat to see what he did/did not recall.

It was crazy to see a place that we had lived in when we were around the same age as my girls. How much will they remember? What will be important to them?

eric and me






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