Saturday, May 9, 2015

Minnesota Day 3

Let's continue on with out MN review shall we?

Saturday was wedding day, but we had some time to kill in the morning. We all stayed away from wedding prep so that my cousin Allison and the rest of the family involved could focus on the wedding and not feel like they had to entertain.

Eric went off to skate. Some people ran errands. My sister-in-law Sara and I took the girls for a walk to a nearby lake. It was leisurely and lovely.

We were all entertained by the walk and eventually we moseyed back to the hotel. Eric and I ran an errand while the girls swam with my mother and Ben. 

Then it was time to get ready for the wedding. Both girls assumed they were flower girls. Apparently that is what little girls think nowadays. They were not flower girls so our prep was much more relaxed.

We arrived at the wedding and the whole gang was there. Ben and Sara relaxing before the ceremony.

Eric, Elise, and my mother.

Elise and Eric. 

During the ceremony Cordelia was fantastic. Elise was so wiggly and then when a soloist sang Ave Maria (quite beautifully) Elise covered here ears and then fell fast asleep in Eric's arms.


Me, in a vintage dress I found in an antique store on the drive from WY.

Cordelia and her great uncle Gregg.

The maid of honor Erin. 

Erin (right), Adam (also my cousin), and his lovely girlfriend Rachel.

The happy couple. My cousin Allison looked so very beautiful and she seemed so happy, though I imagine that she was exhausted by the end of the day!

The wedding party. My cousin Allison and her husband Kyle. My cousins Erin and Adam are in there as well.

After the wedding, before the reception, we ran by my father's old seminary and looked around as we had a little down time.



Eric and me.

We eventually made our way to the reception. Cocktails and then dinner. They had even made a special meal for all of the vegans!

Sara (left), my brother Ben, Rachel.

Cordelia was bold and very interested in the spotlight. She spent a lot of time with the gorgeous bride.

My parents!

My grandmother Carol and uncle Joe (father of the bride).

Adam and Rachel.

My aunt Sue and Elise.

Elise was starting to unwind after a long day, so we left as the dancing was just beginning. We got to the hotel and put those kids to bed, the end of a lovely wedding day!


MarieRoxanne said...

I love your vintage dress MariaRose!
And why do people only talk about the bride.... the groom must also be happy and exhausted after a full day of preparations and partying.... LOL

Maria Rose said...

Well, I didn't meet the groom until after the wedding. So there was little to report.

Sarah Purdy said...

What a beautiful bride! Looks like it was a busy but memorable day!

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