Monday, May 11, 2015

Minnesota Wrap Up

I am going to wrap up our Minnesota with one last photo fest. Let's do this (woo)!

Elise and Cordelia soaking up some snuggles with their great grandma Carol.

On our long drive to MN Elise asked if we were going to the beach. We laughed. Then we crossed the border into Wisconsin and lo and behold, a sandy beach perfect for wading.

The girls were so excited to just enjoy a little sand/sun/water combo.

Later we returned to my aunt and uncle's home where we met up with the bride and groom. They stayed an extra day to spend family time before honeymooning.

Elise and Allison.

Erin gave our aunt Karen a hair cut.

Ben and my uncle Joe did a LOT of karaoke.

The next day we made a quick trip to the Mall of America. There is an amusement park inside and the girls were so excited!

Elise and I on the Ferris wheel.

Here are Cordelia and my mom on a roller coaster.

Ben and Sara.

After the mall we hit up the Conservatory which was much more our speed.

We spent a couple of hours walking around. My parents' friends from their seminary days also met us there. We had a lovely time.

Can you spot my brother?

On our last night there my mother watched the girls so we could sneak out for a few hours. We went to a tiki bar with Ben, Sara, Adam, Erin, and some friends.

We also swung by my cousin Adam's home. He built these motorcycles! He is  brilliant and it was such a treat to see his home. On top of building motorcycles he is also really creative.

On our last morning we met up with Erin for an abbrieviated tour of the Walker museum.

Cordelia clearly feels comfortable in the museum environment.

Erin and Cordelia. 

Finally we said a sad goodbye. Erin is headed back to China. I will miss her a ton.

We left St.Paul straight from the museum and both girls (who do not nap) were sound asleep in minutes. They rested while we drove and drove. The return trip home was rainy and cold. We stayed one night in SD and made it home on Wednesday evening.

And there you have it!

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