Friday, May 15, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 5.15.15

Haaaaappy Friday! Phone dump ahoy.

A sweet girl and the laziest, most snugly, hound.

I have been teaching lessons art lessons on Saturdays. I have regular students, but for the past few months I have offered a class for 4-6 range. This week the girls painted Mother's Day bird houses in lieu of a more traditional lesson. 

Mother's Day was snowy!

My crew.

Mother's Day grandma snuggle.

Eric was on the news! Boo yah (yep, still saying booyah after all of these years). He had to get up so early and head to the museum for a couple of hours of live segments.

Lucy! This cat is too cool.

The last part of Eric's birthday gift finally arrived, a skateboard. 

One day there was a foot of snow. The next day this happened.

A screen capture from a text with Eric. I texted him about something and he responded. So I put on business attire and this happened.

Reading before bed with their dad.

Lucy tucked herself in, again.

Cordelia and my father at mall lunch.

Doing Cosmic Kids Yoga.

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MarieRoxanne said...

That meeting thing, was so cute, I love the fact that you guys have so much fun with each other.

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