Friday, May 22, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 5.22.15

Well it is Friday again isn't it? I suppose it is time for my weekly phone drop. Well, truthfully you are getting the Monday-Friday phone drop. I uploaded my phone photos on Monday morning and I am just too lazy to go and retrieve them.

Cordelia had track and field day at her preschool and the weather was too cold for much outside stuff. Can you believe we are still getting snow?! Thankfully the preschool is well prepared to deal with the cold issue. Actually, this was the third track and field day that we have attended and all three have been mostly indoor events.

Here she is at one of the two outdoor elements of track and field day. The kids had a blast just wheeling around on those things. I am not sure if there was an actual race and it didn't really matter.

Elise participated in many of the activities as well. She felt like such a big kid. She sat out the wheelie boards (is that what they are called?) and opted to watch. She told me she just wanted to put her hands in her pockets.

My brother Ben and sister-in-law Sara (formerly Casual Sara) gifted me with a gift card to and here is my loot. Also, Lucy.

Don't ask to borrow my pens. You have been warned.

Cordelia went to the dentist. Did I mention that she is choosing her own clothes now? 

Can we just look at this picture one more time? 

Cordelia is working on her art skills.

Betty Sprinkles and Lucy enjoy the evening sun. I love that they are pals. 

Last night was preschool graduation. This photo is a magnet that the school sent home on her last day. I will report on the graduation tomorrow. I need another day to emotionally heal, kidding(ish).

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Sarah Purdy said...

That preschool picture. Oh! She just looks so grown up!

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