Friday, May 8, 2015

Phone Photo Friday 5.8.15 (Minnesota Day 2)

Holy smokes do I ever have a lot of photos on my phone. I think this is going to have to be a multi day phone dump of our Minnesota trip. Yesterday I covered our first day. Let's see how many photos I can stuff into this post shall we?

So last Friday Eric celebrated his birthday. We awoke in Mitchell, SD which is obviously internationally known for the CORN PALACE! Eric opened a few small presents in our hotel room, having opened his larger gifts at my parents' home a few days before our trip. We knew that it was imperative that we kick off his birthday with a bang by visiting the CORN PALACE. 

The evening before I had asked the front desk worker if the CORN PALACE was something worth seeing. She assured me that it was amazing (remember how I mentioned that every SD town has a thing, well Mitchell's thing is the CORN PALACE). The front desk lady told me that the building was made of corn. So we were sold. 

On the drive over I envisioned a corn throne. The girls were sure that there would be a swimming pool filled with kernels. We found the place easily enough. On the front there were gigantic murals made of variously colored cobs, but the building was definitely not made of corn as we had been led to believe.

Things were looking promising in spite of the confusion about the cornstruction of the building

Eric's birthday was popping! Also, in case it isn't obvious we made all of the corn puns that there were to make.

Then we went inside and realized that the CORN PALACE was actually just an event's center with corn murals. Cornfounded, we'd been duped!

The murals were cool, but the palace theme made zero sense. They are really missing an opportunity here. My notes for the CORN PALACE committee:
-Corn thrones
-Corn crowns on display
-Corn art show
-Museum of corn or corn artifacts.
-Corn pun hall of fame.

There is just so much potential that they are squandering. I am tempted to just make these corn products myself.

Oh well, interesting stop. We then hit the road, headed for MN. We stopped in Sioux Falls (or Sioux City I can't figure out which is in SD and I am too lazy to check) so the girls could play. Eric skated.

When we finally made it to the Twin Cities by mid-afternoon we were eager to head over to my aunt and uncle's gorgeous home where the family was gathering for the wedding on Saturday.

The girls were all over their great grandmother Carol! She didn't seem to mind a bit.
Ben and Sara, my brother and sister-in-law showed up and the girls were beyond delighted. Ben and Sara are so great with the kids, they know how to just engage with children. It is amazing to watch them all enjoying each other.

A short while later my parents arrived. The whole gang was there with the exception of my youngest brother Sam who had to stay home for work.

My cousin Erin and aunt Sue had made Eric a vegan birthday cake! So thoughtful when they were all scrambling with last minute details for a wedding.

After we had all chatted and it was time to get the girls to bed my mother watched them at the hotel (because she is basically a saint) so Eric could go out for a dinner to celebrate his birthday.

We went out to Luće and had some awesome vegan pizza. The service was horrendous, but we were all talking and catching up so we didn't really notice that it took two hours for pizza. 

I am going to stop here because I have a lot more to cover.

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Sarah Purdy said...

I'm cornfused, is it supposed to a corn palace or cornvention center? I see why you were cornfounded. Also, I'm ridiculously obsessed with Erin's hair and feel the need to make a hair appointment immediately. It's amazing! It's glorious! It's so adorable!! More blonde pixie pics please!

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