Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I have recently recommitted myself to a daily yoga practice. I have been practicing yoga off and on for more than a decade and I am always happiest when  I follow a daily practice of growth and meditation. 

I was in a really great groove and I was stronger than ever when I became pregnant with Elise. For the first half of the pregnancy I was tired, but continued to practice. Unfortunately I hit a block and was not comfortable guiding myself as there are special considerations for pregnancy. My regular yoga class was not able to offer accommodations and there was no prenatal class offered in our small community. So I decided to take a break. 

Well, that break was extended by a newborn and post-partum depression. I never totally quit yoga, but my practice was in shambles. I would squeeze in a few sun salutations throughout the week, but never with commitment.

Well, I decided it was time to get back to it and I have returned to a daily practice. While it is definitely sad to have to start from a weaker point I am also in possession of new strengths and patience. More than anything I am happy to have a morning yoga buddy.

Elise is surprisingly engaged for about ten  minutes before she takes a break to play or have a snack while I focus on my practice.


Victoria said...

She looks like a serious student!

Sarah Purdy said...

Love it! As you know, I've recently restarted yoga again myself (although not daily yet) and every time I do it, I think to myself, "YES! THIS! MORE OF THIS!" So, I think I'll definitely be adding it to the summer routine and hopefully transferring into my back-to-school routine in the Fall.

Mom said...

Oh my goodness! That photo of Elise meditating is so precious!

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