Tuesday, June 16, 2015

5,110 Days or 4,382.868 Burritos

Today is the fourteen year anniversary of our marriage. Eric and I have been married long enough that we now have to do the math as we try to figure out just how long it has been. I have been thankful for this marriage every single day for the past fourteen years. We have been through a wide array of life events, highs and lows, but our marriage has remained a source of strength and stability. We encourage and support each other, but we mostly just have fun together. I married my best friend.

We celebrated with a date on Sunday night as my mother was able to watch the girls for a few hours. Eric and I remembered to snap a few pics while we were eating gigantic burritos.

Here is what I look like drinking water. Great photo!

Here is what Eric looks like drinking a margarita. We are basically professional photo journalists. Wait...hold on...I think I hear opportunity knocking....

When there are chips and salsa I will eat them until I feel sick. I cannot stop. I will not stop. I feel like this is just a human truth.

Oh wait, you're in luck. Here is a very natural looking photo. 

Here is when I made Eric laugh. I am super witty, so he basically looks like this all of the time.

Dinner was a gargantuan burrito. You cannot really tell, but the burrito was as big as my forearm. I actually took a photo of the burrito next to my forearm for size comparison purposes, but the intense lighting made it look like my arm was next to a plate of barf. Incidentally I was unable to finish the burrito....largely the direct result of chips and salsa taking up half of my body volume. Also, I may or may not keep randomly sending out this photo in completely out of context situations.

So, in conclusion I really think that Eric and I should stop counting our marriage in years and instead counting it in burritos consumed. We actually grabbed burritos after our wedding as we were so hungry. You know, I am going to take a crack at an estimate which will include regular burritos and breakfast burritos consumed over the past 14 years...

3 burritos a week for two people= 6 burritos
6 burritos x 52.177 weeks in a year= 313.062 burritos a year x 14 years=4,382.868 burritos BOOM!

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Erica said...

So cute! How a marriage should be! Happy anniversary 😄

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