Thursday, June 4, 2015

Almost Home


Today is the opening of my solo exhibit Almost Home. I will have the work up on my website soon so that you can see it if you are unable to attend the opening. I will let you know when it is available. Going into an opening is such a strange feeling. I hope that my artwork speaks to people on some level. If you want to read a bit more here is an article that will give you a little insight.

For those of you who are local I do hope to see you there, this is a big night for the community---not because I have a show, but because there is an art walk! This is something that so many of us have wanted for years and years. Now it is happening and I am so very hopeful that the community will come out and support this event. There are so many galleries to see and fun things to do. I know that there are vendors, food, drinks, galleries, the art museum. So many talented artists are showing their work it is a great opportunity to get out and support the arts. For me this night represents so much more than just my show. I really, desperately want the community to be a community that really embraces the arts and art related events. The only way that will happen is if people come out and support the galleries and museums.

Wooo! ART!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarah Purdy said...

Can't wait to see it! Very excited about the Art Walk, too!!

MarieRoxanne said...

Too bad I can't see it, live too far away, love your paintings.

Melodee said...

I wish I were local as I would love to see your show.

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