Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Doll House

While at a local thrift store yesterday we spotted a handmade (mostly from balsa wood) doll house. It was cheap and instantly charmed the girls. I am all for any toy that inspires imaginative play.

Since we brought it home the house has been a castle and an animal shelter. They have been playing with each other and the house for hours and hours. Seriously this is like a parenting gold mine. Anything that keeps kids active/engaged/entertained is amazing. Elise is so into it that she has yet to request a snack today. Usually by 9am she has asked for snacks about a dozen times.

The doll house is pretty awesome with a Victorian style front and an open back it has real charm. You can't tell from the black and white photos but the house is pink with a purple roof. There are also touches of yellow, blue and green. Basically it looks like a crayon box barfed on a doll house.

Currently it is an animal shelter/princess castle.

Cordelia directs the play like a true first born. Elise is happy to follow the leader for now, mostly because Cordelia has fun ideas and will occasionally let Elise contribute.

Of course I ignored the princess part of this play. Let me assure you that trying to avoid princess play with these girls is like trying to hold back the ocean. Instead I focused on the charitable work of an animal shelter. That makes my compassionate heart really happy! 

The princesses are presently trying to find homes for the lonely animals.

Raising kids who have inherent compassion is my greatest joy. Play like this translates in so many ways. I love their compassion, their sharing (seriously these girls argue very little), their creative play---all of it is amazing. I can just sit back and watch...or clean the house as I took the past couple of days with Eric and had family time. We did the minimum required amount of house cleaning. Now is the time of reckoning.

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