Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Last month my parents bought me a hammock for my birthday. Turns out the hammock is huuuuge and needed its own stand. We finally got a stand and yesterday afternoon I set it up. Time stopped and the world fell into beautiful harmony.

Before I go on I urge you to drop everything and run to a hammock retailer and immediately buy a hammock. I will wait here while you do that...

Done? Alright, let's continue...

The girls nearly lost their minds. Hammock!

The girls and I read library books in the hammock for a couple of hours! I may have dozed...who knows and who cares? I was on hammock time!

Later, after the kids were in bed Eric and I sat in the hammock and talked and had a drink and listened to the birds and the trees blowing in the breeze. It had been a long day with loads of work, but none of it mattered in the hammock.

Eric and I decided that the inventor of the hammock must have been the rare mix of ambitious and mellow. The world needs more ambitious mellow people inventing things like hammocks. I firmly believe that the planet would be way more compassionate of world leaders were required to hold meetings from a hammock under soft white clouds. 

See what I did there? Problems of the world solved. Thanks hammock.



Sarah Purdy said...

Oh dear. I want a hammock in my life. I NEED a hammock in my life. I MUST HAVE a hammock in my life. Summer to do list #1: HAMMOCCCCCCKKKKKKK

Mom` said...

I hope it lasts for years and years. I have often thought of hammocks as gifts but this was the first time I actually knew someone wanted one.

Anne Mason-Jezek said... can't frown saying the word hammock...physically's a good word.

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