Monday, June 29, 2015

Nicfest 2015

This weekend was the annual arts festival held by our local art museum. The weekend long event, Nicfest, is a really awesome community event with music, art, food, and activities. While the fest is super fun we always miss Eric as he has to work from morning until night each day of the festival. We do get to see him when we hit up the party, but he is working so it is pretty brief. 

Also this week Andy, Anne and Lennon are visiting and Andy is playing several shows around town, two at Nicfest! Here are a few photos from the weekend event.

Slush ice of some form. Flavor unknown.

Elise chose to have her face painted as a patriotic skull.

We enjoyed both of Andy's performances.

Cordelia had her face painted with dolphins. She was careful to remind the face painting lady to include glitter and lip paint.

Eric and Elise.

Andy Mason.

Eric, Anne, Lennon.

Sitting while the girls have their faces painted. Two of the face painters were my students and I think they were intimidated, probably because I am super  judgey about face painting. Only kidding.

The festival was a big success, though I am glad to be done with it and see my husband again.

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affectioknit said...

What a fun day! I love facepainting...

~Have a lovely day!

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