Friday, June 12, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 6.12.15

Looking for mediocre phone photos? You have come to the right place! Time for my weekly phone dump!

Bumblebee is not subtle about her need for a chest scratch.

Lucy tucks herself in for another nap.

My mother got the girls a bunch of freaky dolls at the thrift store. They posed like this and asked me to take a picture.

A water fight broke out in Sunday. I eventually locked the family out back and laughed. I may or may not have ended up with a full face spray from the hose, delivered by a stealthy Cordelia.

Sunday we had a family park picnic. It was fun!

Laura made CordelIa a flower crown. She looked like a fairy. 

Ancient Ophelia proves she is still spry enough to sit in a shoe box.

Elise at a lake.

What is with her sunglasses?

Eric and Cordelia at a park.

Ho hum, just some natural beauty.

Back patio eating.

My mister.

This little lady who is leaning toward a life in comedy. She is always looking for a laugh.

Finished a new piece this week.

This girl told me that a ponytails aren't very fabulous.

Short hike on Tuesday.

"Look at me and smile girls."


Sisters are weird.

Play date at a friend's home.

Elise in dress up.

We stopped at the Science Zone and ran into a friend and some baby chicks. I inquired into the fate of the baby birds and was informed that they are pets, being socialized, who will live long lives and die of old age at the home of the woman I spoke with.

Cloud machine.

Mirrors are basically magic to children. Infinity mirrors are magic times infinity (duh).

Ha ha! She is so tiny.

She had posed with a smiling face, but this photo was funnier.

Last night we discovered that our town recently added an off leash, fully enclosed, dog park. We took the hounds. Bumblebee was so happy. She had loved the off leash parks in Denver. Betty had never been off leash, beyond our yard and home. She was soooo happy!

Lucy this morning.


Sarah Purdy said...

Crappy fone fotos are the fantasticist kind of foto.

Mom said...

Oh boy! What a fun bunch of photos.

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