Friday, June 19, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 6.19.15

Oh my, what a week it has been! We have really had a laid back mood, but we managed to pack in a lot of summer and a bloodhound into our week. 

Betty Sprinkles likes to lounge in the grass and rest from mouse hunting. To be clear she once spotted a mouse in the garden and now she looks for it often, snuffling through the plants, tail wagging. She will never be successful in her hunt and even if she were face to face with the mouse I am 100% certain that she would bark from a distance.

Elise enjoying her spinach and berry freezer pops. Those eyes! Ha ha!

I packed hammock time into every single day. It is important. Hammocks are important. I think it is safe to say that I am a hammock enthusiast.

Columbine lookin' fine.

Eric and Elise. She was pretending a towel was the ocean.

Saturday was a great local event. We visited Pioneer Days. Local history buffs dress as pioneers, natives, etc. and gave the crowds a look into how early Americans lived. Our friend had a teepee set up. This is no small teepee, he means business and had a full set up. Although Eric got a great photo of him in his teepee with a Starbucks and a cell phone. The girls had a great time.

Cordelia had her very successful limeade stand on Saturday. She has been riding high from that all week.

Monday morning we waited to pick up our foster dog Daisy.

She is a sweet girl and we really love her.

Well Bumblebee tolerates her, but she is a bit annoyed by a giant floppy puppy.

Her face basically looks as though it is melting.

We made a visit to the waterfall. Both girls insisted on wearing wintry boots in spite of the 80 degree temps.

 Instead of our weekly mall lunch we had hospital lunch with my parents. We can't just go to a restaurant like normal people. After lunch we got to take a "secret" underground tunnel back to my mother's office. 

Yesterday the girls begged to run through the sprinkler. My warning that it would be cold did not deter them, so they suited up and played for a few minutes before becoming too cold.

Sadie dropped by for a quick visit and a hammock swing.

Sadie dressed up in Cordelia's clothes, Cordelia dressed up as a bee and Elise dressed as a pirate.

Last night after the girls were in bed Eric and I enjoyed a drink in the hammock. A good week indeed.

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