Friday, June 26, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 6.26.15

Another week bites the dust.

My father and Cordelia surveying their kingdom.
My mother, the girls, me. Hiking like bosses.

Who is that handsome fella?

This is what Sam does when I try and take a photo with him. Also, he is so tall. I am 5'11" and he makes me look like a tiny baby.

Somebody woke everyone up with the first light of sun---then zoned out because it was too early.

Visit to the "Dinosaur Museum" as my girls call it.

Very proudly wearing underwear on her head. I am like 87% sure that they were clean.

Chalk drawing on a lazy afternoon.

Cordelia and I sketching in the backyard.

Sweet sisters. Playing all the time. Living in their own sister world.

Spying on a caterpillar.

We finally got to meet Lennon, baby of dear friends Andy and Anne.

Anne and Lennon.

Eric and Andy reviewing the designer proof of Eric's  book.

Everyone loves a hammock


Victoria said...

What a great looking week...but come on now, do you really have lazy afternoons?;)

Sarah Purdy said...

Yay! Andy, Anne and Lennon are in Wyo!! So bummed that I'm missing them!

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