Friday, June 5, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 6.5.15

Weekly phone dump coming atcha.

Last Friday Eric and I had a work event for a local gallery. My mother took the girls OVERNIGHT! So we turned it into a date night too and managed to go out for dinner and later have drinks with friends.

It was a very strange night. We kept checking the time out of habit. It felt like we needed to get back, but we didn't.

My mother kept texting the sweetest photos so I would know that all was well. Of course it was, but parents like reassurance.

My father serenaded the ladies. Fun was had.

Saturday morning I received this image of the girls making vegan pancakes with my mother. When I later showed this photo to Elise she said,"Yeah, that is when I was making pancakes and Delia was up in my face."

Saturday morning I gave painting lessons after the girls returned home and then in the afternoon I gave my end of the month lecture at Scarlow's. The lecture was taped for a local PBS show and afterward I had a taped interview. I am pretty sure it was awkward. Although I admittedly feel awkward at all times.

This week the rains have let up a bit and we were able to enjoy some outdoor dining.

In fact we spent all of our free time out back this week. So lovely!

It was also warm enough for the water table and the girls went crazy for that mess.

I made freezer pops (spinach, berries, soy milk, agave) and tricked the kids into going crazy on spinach. 

Of course this week was the week of the hammock! So amazing. Here is the view from the hammock. It is so comfortable and fun. Have I mentioned that I am super into the hammock?

Wait, what is this? Hammock.

And for good measure a bit more hammock.

Finally, last night was my opening as well as the first art walk in our community! Huge success all around!

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