Friday, July 10, 2015

Birthday Review: Elise's 3rd

Yesterday was Elise's third birthday! We were up bright and early with an eager birthday girl. We opened presents much to the thrill of our now three year old girl. Then she and Cordelia spent much of the morning playing. 

We enjoyed breakfast pancakes at the request of the birthday girl. Later in the morning we went to the Science Zone for some good fun.

Eventually it was time for her birthday pizza and cupcake party, just family this year. Elise kept telling people that she is 12, somehow confusing 3 and 12. When she opened a gift from my parents, a ballerina doll, she exclaimed,"I have been wanting this for years and years!" 

Elise is 3
There were pink cupcakes and pink lemonade, naturally. 

Elise is 3
Opening presents..

Elise is 3
Elise and my father

Elise is 3
Opening Presents

Elise is 3
Hugging her Uncle Sam

Elise is 3
Cordelia eating pizza

Elise is 3
Birthday girl.

Elise is 3
She was all business with the candle.

Elise is 3
Eric and Elise. She only ate the frosting.

My mother and I were there too, but there are no photos to prove it.

Later we went by a lake and then out to dinner. She even had her first vegan donught, not exactly the healthiest of days.

 Overall a very happy day for our three year old girl!


Sarah Purdy said...

Sounds like birthday #3 was a good one! Such a big girl!

Victoria said...

Awww...sweet thing. My girl looked like she was having a great time...and all those hugs!! What a sweetheart. xoxo

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