Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend

Tammie and I have been internet friends for many years. We are not entirely sure when we met, but it was sevenish years ago. She was a blogger and had a witty writing style. She also has a great sense of humor. Our friendship started out slowly through comments and then spread to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. 

So when she mentioned that she would be in Billings, just a few hours from where we live I had to get north and meet her. Also, you know me, any excuse to go to Montana. We decided to make a family trip of it because Tammie was actually there for a wedding and I certainly didn't want to monopolize her time. 

Friday we took the family up to the motherland (AKA Montana). The Canadian wildfires and hot July temps made for a smokey and dry Montana, but it was still beautiful. When we arrived at the hotel and had gotten settled it was time to meet up with Tammie. 

I am not sure how to explain the feeling of meeting someone you already know. It is unusual. We hugged and fell into a comfortable conversation, but really we were just meeting for the first time. We hit up a thrift store that was closing at 3pm and they basically let us in and then proceeded to herd us out, turning off lights and aggressively answering the call of the end of their work day. So we thrifted for about five minutes.

Eric went off to skate while Tammie, the girls and I went to Montana Vintage Clothing! Oh man, I am not used to high quality vintage clothing in my region. What a fun treat. The staff was great, pulling out toys for the girls to play with while Tammie and I explored. I will definitely be going back.

When Eric finished skating he took the girls off to explore while Tammie and I went to a Martini Bar. We had the bar tender take our photo and he was super nice and chatty---but he didn't stop talking while he took our picture. When he returned my phone there were a bunch of photos of us with open mouths and blinking eyes. Here was the most workable image. I turned it black and white in an attempt to make us look a little more artsy.

I also took a lovely picture of Tammie.

We chatted for a couple of hours and a couple of drinks. I ordered a pickle martini. The drink was made with pickle juice and crushed red pepper.

It was good, but I couldn't finish it. The flavor intensity built upon itself, by the end I threw up my flag in defeat. Until we meet again pickle martini.

Then Tammie and I returned to the hotel. She had wedding party fun and I was happy to chill in the hotel with Eric. He'd worked long hours the weeks before and it was nice to have some down time together. 

The following morning we wandered around and grabbed some breakfast. Here the girls are on the covered bridge that extends between the hotel and parking garage. I am guessing there is some human urine in there, it smelled.

Tammie and I met up for coffee and then it was time to hit the road. We stopped for a leisurely trail walk before leaving Billings.Eric and the girls and I meandered home, stopping at a few roadside attractions and generally enjoying a casual pace. We made it home in time for dinner, a walk, and then fireworks.

We let the girls stay up late. The fireworks didn't start until dark, 10pm. Elise made it all the way until fireworks, watched a few and then passed out. Cordelia stayed up for the hole event and she was enraptured. The following day was high intensity as both girls did not sleep in even a little bit. 

How was your weekend?


affectioknit said...

What a nice meetup! I've only met a couple of my blogging friends in real life...but you're right that it seems we already 'know' each other...like pen pals of old I guess...

...not too sure about the pickle martini...

~Have a lovely day!

Daphne said...

Jealous! Tammie is one of my favorite people!

elizabeth said...
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elizabeth said...

so cool to meet a blog friend in real life. :)
(sometime, we should make this happen - ever make it over to Spearfish??)

Maria Rose said...

Elizabeth, I do!

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