Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Life Drawing

Yesterday evening I went to a life drawing class. I am sure you are imagining me sitting there, pencil in hand, studiously drawing the model. This was a different experience. Yesterday I was on the other end of things. I was the life model for the class. Seemed to me I should know what that is like, so I gave it a go. Here is what I learned:

-You are not supposed to make eye contact with the artists as they draw. I was handed some reading material prior to the two hour drawing session and that was one point that stood out. Not that I had planned to make eye contact, but after reading that I kind of wanted to stare each artists dead in the eyes.

-Holding a pose for a five minute warm up is no big deal. 

-Posing with both arms overhead for twenty minutes is far more grueling than it sounds. The blood all left my arms, they went totally numb with the exception of pinpricks of pain. When my time was up my arms fell at my side and didn't work properly for a few minutes. Still sore this morning.

-While frozen in place your mind can really wander. It is kind of fun. I pretty much had two hours of uninterrupted thinking time. Well, except for the times that my arms or legs fell asleep and that numbed and fuzzy pain encroached upon my thoughts.

-The artists were so kind and appreciative, made me feel happy to help out a bit. It can be tough to find someone willing or able to sit for a drawing. I hope that people of all ages and body types will sign up to model.

-I really wanted to draw. Posing is fine, but I can't want to draw next week!


Marie Roxanne said...

Is this your first time being a model?
Was that chair comfortable? doesn't look like it!
I was hoping to see you posed, but I guess that wasn't allowed?

Maria Rose said...

I couldn't take a photo of myself and the artists were busy! I also only sat in the chair for about 10 minutes. The rest of the time I was on the floor, standing, leaning.

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