Friday, July 10, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 7.10.15

 Today is Friday, but more importantly it is Elise's third birthday! We were up before the sun with a sweet girl who has been thanking us for every little thing. My heart is feeling that strange pull that often happens without warning, but always happens on birthdays. I am so happy and thankful that we get to mark another year spent with this sweet girl, but a little sad that two year old Elise now only exists in our memory. (Please read here for Elise's birthday story. I will give a full run down on her third birthday soon!) Mostly I am just so thankful for our present, right now. Speaking of the present, or recent past, let's take a look at phone photos from the week. Good transition?

Last weekend we started out in Billings, MT.
The girls plugging their noses in the "stink tunnel" attached to our hotel in Billings.

Eric, Cordelia, Elise on a very hot morning hike outside of Billings.

A photo of me in my new dress. I cannot tell you how many photos Eric had to take before he got one that looked natural. I tend to panic in front of the camera and just make weird faces or leap or whatever. Not a model.

Miss Independent. She loves to run ahead and do her own thing.

Girls and me, waiting for fireworks.

Eric and Elise waiting for fireworks on the 4th.

Eric and Cordelia waiting for fireworks. We were on a blanket on a big grassy lawn. It was a good night.

Elise at Sadie's dress up birthday party on Sunday. I may or may not have eaten my weight in guacamole at said party. Seriously I was like Smeagol guarding My Precious.

Cordelia and Sadie play dress up. Pretty much all of the kids were tired after staying up for fireworks the night before. Cordelia started out strong, but came unglued by the end. She was asleep in her bed less than an hour after the party.

Standard behavior.

Standard behavior.


Lunch dress up tea party. Elise was Elsa. Cordelia was a cheerleader named Petal. They decided my name was Diamond.

We said a final goodbye to Laura. She moved to Colorado the next day. We will see her again, of course, but it was a hard goodbye. The girls adore her. She truly is family.

Parade Day montage.

Big sister.

Little sister.

Elise and Betty.

This morning, the birthday girl and her daddy.

New birthday cape. Happy birthday to my sweet Elise.

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elizabeth said...

i love pictures of your happy little life.
happy friday!
and happy birthday to miss e!

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