Friday, July 31, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 7.31.15

Our week as told by phone photos...

Cordelia and one of her good friends hold hands and wait for the Calvary at a reenactment.

A teepee. Duh.

Elise and I in the hammock.

Thrift store find of the week.

Bee sisters in the midst of some strange play.

Did you know that hammocks also double and boats, trains, cocoons, planes, spaceships, etc.?

Family life. The girls have been putting on a lot of plays lately. Eric and the animals and I are their audience. 

Cordelia has taken to taping plants in her diary. Elise has been taping dead plants onto living plants in an attempt to revive them.

We went to Laramie this week for a day trip. Eric had work. The girls and I hung out with friends while Eric did his thing. We did get to eat at Wyoming's only veg restaurant!

On a walk with friends.


Elise in a space helmet and a blanket.

Elsa and a bee at the grocery store.

Three parts mutant flower.

Best pals.



Sarah Purdy said...

Great photos this week! You guys were busy! I just love that sketch!

Cindy said...

This is my first time on your blog. I came over from Only The Manager. That sketch is gorgeous! You are very talented. And the pictures, the animal masks, the father daughter hug, the hammock... you have a beautiful family.

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Cindy! So nice to have you visit!

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