Friday, July 3, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 7.3.15

Look I am going to be honest here, there are a LOT of photos this week. We had company, activities, cute children. Basically a perfect storm for a whirlwind of mediocre photos. Enjooooy!

Last Thursday our friends Andy, Anne, and now Lennon came to stay with us for a week. Andy had a series of shows to play and we were just eager to see some of our very favorite people. Cordelia is going through a phase where babies are super fascinating to her so she was very excited to meet Lennon.

The kids were great together all week. Although Elise was not particularly happy to share her mother with another person. She struggled to accept my holding of Lennon saying, "Now you need to hold me." Lennon was just happy and excited to see big kids in action.

Anne and Lennon in the backyard.

Normally I am not a huge fan of other people's kids, preferring to remark on their cuteness from a safe distance, but Lennon is different. I was happy to snuggle that sweet boy.

The girls sit on the end of our bed at an unholy hour. Seriously this was probably taken at 5:30 when the sun rises.

Eric skates.

One thing about having a baby in the house is that they need naps. I would use nap time as an opportunity to take the girls out of the house. Loud girls do not help the nap process. My mother took the girls and I to see Inside Out.

We went to Nicfest over the weekend. Eric was working, but we managed to sneak in a few moments of his time.

We got to see both of Andy's performances at Nicfest over the weekend. Lennon and Anne were there too, of course.

My mother was happy to steal Lennon for a bit as well.

My girls tore it up at the shows. So much in fact that by the end of one performance they were both bleeding and crying. Hardcore.

Elise with her face paint.

When I took the face paint off it clung to her eyebrows. Pretty awesome. This was the face she made when I showed her what she looked like in my phone.

We also hit up a local museum. Here are Andy and Elise.

Anne and Lennon lounging in the yard.

Andy gets a little hammock time.

We also went to a couple of Andy's library performances. Elise was very upset that I had not packed her snacks.

Sunsets have been beautiful thanks to
northern wildfires. 

Cordelia and Lennon.

Lucy spends her time napping.

Evening hike with Laura.

Andy's performance from yesterday. We said goodbye after the show.

How has your week been?

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