Thursday, July 30, 2015


• I have been busy with teaching. Grading papers, responding to messages. I have also been prepping for some fall classes I am teaching and doing some commission work.

•I am beginning to panic about winter. How will I live with no hammock? 

•Homeschool for Cordelia has begun.  We have just been working on kindergarten basics this summer. Her curriculum begins probably around the same time Elise starts preschool. 

•I am currently sitting at the table. Elise is slow-eating lately. Each meals takes one billion centuries.

•The girls are working on a play, to begin when Elise finishes breakfast. Elise is a clown in this play and Cordelia is "a royal queen."

•Cordelia has worn a bee costume for three days. I washed once. Definitely feeling summer relaxed about the whole business of clothes and/or cleanliness.

•I have four books that I want to read all at once and I can hardly bear to read one and let another wait. Do you do that too?

•I emptied the junk drawer the other day. Now it only holds a few essentials. I feel like a whole new woman. Seriously a junk drawer in order is simply a drawer.

• Yesterday I sanded and painted the wood patio. I am so happy when long intended projects are completed.

•I am currently garden watching for two people. I have to say that this is a fun job, particularly watching the food garden. All of the free food!

What is going on in your life?

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Marie Roxanne said...

- Busy helping a senior pack his home for a move, tomorrow is moving day and I hope everything will go well.
- Regarding the hammock, bring it inside! LOL
- I wish I could redo my schoolyears, I sometimes buy the workbooks for children, grades 1-8 sometimes math, sometimes english etc... and I do them just for fun, sometimes I use my left hand to practice writing in case something happens to my right one.
- I am writing a book, no time for reading at the moment because I am helping someone move... But I can read a whole novel in one day. Love mystery/cop style novels.
- I just got my CSA basket and got tons of basil, going to have to google recipes for that and got some patty-pan squash, I LOVE those things! (I also shared some of my goodies with a neighbor and she is going to make me some zucchini muffins)

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