Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Over the weekend my mother, Eric, the girls and I went to visit my grandma Grace, cousins Stephanie and Stephen, aunt Tina, and meet my grandmother's new yorkie Charlie. She adopted the pup from a woman who didn't have enough time. He was previously named Prince, so in my mind I say the yorkie formerly known as Prince.---hopefully you get that dated pop culture reference.


We awoke on Saturday morning to heavy smoke. The fires in neighboring states have been wafting into Wyoming, there was also a fire on our mountain. It was pretty nasty. We were happy to get out of town. We made the two hour drive and arrived at my grandmother's home late morning. My cousins and aunt joined us a short while later. We ate lunch and spent the afternoon talking and watching the puppy and girls play.

See all of those paintings on the wall? My talented grandmother made those!

Cordelia and my aunt Tina. 

Elise with her great grandmother and second cousin Stephanie.

The visit was lovely, but brief as we had to hit the road and return home later in the afternoon. 

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