Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Arm Hurts

Eric and I have been re-vamping our basement/art studio. Do not fear. I will share photos of our project when it is complete. The biggest change is that we tore out the carpet. Carpet freaks me out. Anyone else? I feel like there is no way to make a carpet truly clean. Anyway, we tore out the carpet and revealed the tile underneath. Great, but now we have to scrape, by hand, the glue that they used to adhere carpet pad to floor. 

I am working in small sections. I have tried a variety of scrapers and solutions to loosen the funk, but the only real solution is elbow grease. My arms are aching! I managed to clear about 10 feet in two hours...so it will be a while. I woke this morning with my hands in claw shapes from holding the scraper. Actually I am not even using a scraper at this point. The most effective tools have proven to be an old outlet cover (?) and a lawn edger.

I promise to give you an update and tour when we are done. For now, I leave you with this photo of Lucy in a basket.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose you could have just added some tile adhesive goop on top instead of scraping it all off? I think you could have leveled it and made it straight... no?
Unless the tile under the carpet is fantastic!

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