Friday, August 28, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 8. 28.15

This week has been a total blur. I feel like all I have done is work on the studio, but phone tells me that I accomplished some other stuff as well.

Sweetest picky eater.

Fresh from the garden of a friend.

This labyrinth is the result of a major effort by a friend of mine. I helped a bit in the process with a painting to help conceptualize the space. The landscaping is still going in, but the girls and I were able to check it out this week. Officially it is called th Barr Rea Learning Circle. Although Cordelia told me that she  did not learn a thing while we were there. She thought that it might be a maze for babies. Ha.

Morning reading on the couch.

Betty Sprinkles begging for food.

I took this photo after scraping tile for hours. I posted it to Instagram and said that I was going to rest because everything hurt. Then I got back up and worked some more.

Backyard in the undies, childhood done right.

We meet up with my parents for lunch at the hospital each week, replacing mall lunch. 

Yesterday my father was in fine form. Most people know him as a pastor, but is so much more---Cordelia finds him hilarious.

Eric and Elise. My heart.

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