Friday, August 7, 2015

Phone Photo Friday 8.7.15

A week in review...

Last Friday was a rough day for Cordelia. She had kind of a rough week, not sure what the deal was, but there were some tantrums. Anyway, in an attempt to break the mood I decided to do something totally different. We played with temporary tattoos, which are still visible in spite of my best efforts at removal. Anyway, this week has been much better. We then took a walk to show them off to the neighborhood.

We watched a fledgling bird from the front door, both parents were watching, feeding, encouraging.

Saturday was family day!

We visited my parents and the girls, and my mom, ran through the sprinklers.

Playing a game with their grandfather.

Evening walk with their grandma.


Cordelia and Eric


Eating out back.

Yesterday Cordelia renamed herself Pineapple, set up shop in the bathroom, called it The Super Fab Lab and dressed herself...

And Elise.

Last night at the art walk, yes she is skating and dressed as a pirate.

Parenthood on display.

Ended the day in the hammock.


Marie Roxanne said...

I love Elise's yellow dress!
Did that belong to Cordelia before?

Mom said...

Nice photos... nice memories! It makes me wonder if your girls will remember their childhoods better than we do, simply because they get to see the photos and have so many memories visually reinforced. I hope so.

Maria Rose said...

Yep, good catch!

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