Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Projects Unfinished

I bought a roll of batting a few years back. I planned to make a quick and easy quilt, but then my plans grew and soon enough they exceeded my ability. I imagined myself taking an online tutorial to help guide me along in my grand plan, but there was never time set aside for that to happen. The batting was put into a closet  to gather dust, just like my plans for the quilt. Similarly I have two nearly finished baby books resting in a closet, waiting. I need to have higher quality prints of the photos made and then I need to put them into the book. Seriously an afternoon is all I need. I think every closet in my home holds some unfinished plan. 

A mostly completed sketch.

That's not to say that I leave everything unfinished. I accomplish a lot, but for every fully completed project or idea there lies another languishing in a box or cupboard, waiting for my attention. Often I am waiting for inspiration, a missing piece, something. I currently have a huge box filled with AMAZING hand painted vintage wall paper. I will use it at some point, but I am waiting for the right inspiration. It will come. I will wait.

Sometimes though, I come back to a project and think,"Ack! What is this garbage?!" The project will end up at Goodwill or the dumpster. Edited out of my life.

I have been working my way through a great book, The Odrinary Magic of Tidying Up, and it has been so liberating to let go of the nonsense we let clutter our lives. My only real hang up is the art and ephemera that come with a creative life. People like me need to have stuff laying about to work on and fiddle with, to inspire. Sometimes I will grab an art supply and then decide it won't work for my original plan so I let it sit. I know I will use it eventually, it just needs to find it's time. Ultimately I think that I need unfinished projects and ideas, always something in the works.


Marie Roxanne said...

I am working on an area that I can store my art work and have a sort of studio for my projects. I have tons of unfinished art work to paint/re-purpose and unfinished stories to write laying around everywhere cluttering my condo and locker. And it seems like I am not happy in my own house because it's "messy". Hopefully soon I will have a space dedicated to my projects and it won't overflow into other areas in my house making it impossible to invite my mother over! LOL
I know tomorrow is coming, but today is slipping away and I don't want to go to bed thinking "I wish I did that today"
I want to go to bed with a sense of pride that I actually "did that today!"
Thanks for the post!

Mom said...

You are so like me in this, aren't you?

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