Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Three Walks Part 2

Walk 2

Later in the afternoon my mother came over to the house to take a walk with the girls and me. We decided to walk around a nearby pond, it is a fishing pond and I often go there with the girls and passive aggressively let them toss pebbles in the water to scare the fish from the fishermen. Sunday we were focused on just enjoying a stroll and meandering along the path. 

We loaded into the car on our way to the pond. A few blocks from our house we spotted an open house and decided to check it out just for fun. We all hopped out of the car and went inside. I LOVE looking inside of homes. This one was mostly empty with a little odd staging, candles and fake cups of wine. Cordelia asked, several times, if we could move in and live there and I am sure the real estate agent was hopeful. Thankfully she had plenty of people wandering the property so I am sure we weren't a huge disappointment.

When we had fully satisfied our curiosity we climbed back into the car and drove to the pond. The sun was hot and bright when we arrived, but it was still quite pleasant. My mother and I talked, often interrupted with questions by little girls. We walked at the pace of the girls. Elise was on the lookout for rocks to throw in the pond. Cordelia was leading the way like a true first born. 

We paused for a bit to let the girls wade in the pond...until a dead fish floated too close. Back on the path we wound our way around the pond. We stopped to look at plants and bugs and rocks. We were in no hurry, just enjoying with no end goal.

When waking with children there are often adventures, things that would be common to adults are quite novel to children. We had to go around what Cordelia described as a "canyon,"  really just a deep crack in the path. When my mother spotted a fallen sign directing people from the "canyon" she climbed down skirt and all and retrieved the sign. Quickly she realized that she would be unable to secure the post back into the hard-packed path. She laid it across to save the speeding bikers from falling. Cordelia was impressed and talked about it later. 

We also adventured off the path into a strange area with white alkaline earth and tall green cat tails that were undulating in the breeze. The girls jumped and scrambled and explored as my mother and I followed along, guiding and aiding as needed.

Eventually we mad it all the way around the pond and back to the car. We piled back in, the bottom of Elise's white dress was now off white and wet from her wading. 


Marie Roxanne said...

I love the fact that your girls wear mostly dresses. I hardly ever see them in pants... of course they have a great role model - you!

Mom said...

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon. Thanks for being up for another walk. I enjoyed our time together, as always. I surely didn't think my sign retrieval was memorable... funny the things that leave an impression on that sweet little Cordy.

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