Thursday, August 13, 2015


Cordelia will be at day camp for the next two days. She has been counting down to this for over a month. She is both excited and nervous. Since Eric and I are homeschooling her we are trying to include as many opportunities for her to engage with her peers and feel as confident and independent as possible. This is a big one for her, previously we have only done half day activities. 

While I am definitely going to miss Cordelia and her hilarious antics for the next couple of days I am excited to have some solo time with Elise before she begins preschool in a few weeks! I cannot even...Ahhhh!!!!

Anyway, we dropped Cordelia off this morning and walked to a coffee shop for a quick date with Eric before he had to head to work.

She is such a character! I laugh at her funny humor and super expressive face all day long. She really has great comic timing and a sense for the absurd.

Next she and I are going to go through hand-me downs and figure out what she needs for fall clothes. We will be school shopping soon. 

What is on your agenda today?

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