Saturday, September 19, 2015

Aging Animals

We officially have two old and arthritic animals in our home. Ophelia our cat is 16 and Bumblebee is at least 11; she was 1ish when we adopted her a nearly decade ago.

We are learning how to care for and accommodate our aging family members. Ophelia mostly just wants to sleep in comfortable places. She has certainly perked up since Lucy came into our lives, but her old body requires a lot of rest. She has no major health issues at present, beyond arthritis. She is happiest when she is warm and snuggled on our bed.

Bumblebee has been producing tumors  for years. We have been having them removed on a pretty regular basis for the past six years. Now she is old enough that we probably won't be removing them anymore, they are mostly just fatty tumors and pose no real danger. She also has severe arthritis, cataracts, and glaucoma. She visited the vet yesterday and came home with meds...she will be taking medicine for the rest of her life.

While nobody is near death there is certainly a decline in their health and wellness. I mention this now because I know so many of you care deeply for these animals (I have gotten emails from all over the world asking about Bumblebee). I want you to know that these girls are in their twilight years (we hope we still have years with them). We love our animals and care for them as the family members that they are. I am so thankful that we were able to adopt these animals into our lives and share them with you here. We are enjoying our time with these old ladies and keeping them happy and comfortable. 

While Bumblebee may only be able to take her walks for two blocks before exhaustion sets in she will still muster the energy to jump on our guests and chase squirrels. Ophelia is basically just a cranky old gal, but she is content to relax in the sun and enjoys regular pets and even tolerates Lucy pouncing on her from time to time.

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought of getting a wagon to pull Bumblebee in on your walks? A wagon lined with a quilt to make her comfortable.
I also enjoy reading about your "old ladies"!

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