Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Elise and Cordelia's First Days

Yesterday was a big day for our family. Elise had her first day of preschool and Cordelia had her first official day of home school. Eric and I were hit hard by the reality that babyhood is over. We do not plan to have more children, so this marked an end to a happy chapter in our lives. Also, the first day of an exciting new beginning.

The night before school both girls tried on all of their new school clothes, several times. Elise laid her outfit on the floor and surveyed her ensemble, saying that she wanted to look fabulous for her first day. Cordelia went for an...eccentric ensemble. I was proud of her bold style.

first day of school sisters
Elise and Cordelia out front before we left to drop Elise off at school. No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a horrible ugly bruise on Elise's head. We are pretty sure there was no brain damage, but who can really tell?

first day preschool elise
Elise in the outfit she painstakingly chose for her first day of school.

first day homeschool cordelia
Cordelia absolutely insisted on this particular outfit, matches her personality pretty well. 

first day preschool elise
Elise. My heart!

first day homeschool cordelia
Cordelia. She is a character. Sweet, funny, smart, energetic.

first day preschool elise
Elise. She looks so darling here, but she has a pretty serious sense of humor too. 

We went through the motions of getting ready and prepping breakfast. Eric took photos of the girls and then we all headed to preschool for the drop off.

first day preschool elise
Drop off at school. She was so confident and excited.

first day preschool elise
Elise at school.

first day preschool elise
Out front. I was not yet crying, though I may have wept a little on the way over while the girls sang along to their music.

Elise and Eric in her classroom. After watching Cordelia do the preschool thing she was very ready. She went to the big play room and gave us a smile and a wave while nodding her head. She was fine. I smiled, put my sunglasses on, turned around and the tears began to fall.  

Cordelia asked if I had allergies and I said that I had to cry just a bit. She said,"Yeah, it's hard for grown ups to watch us get bigger." I laughed at her wisdom and we turned our focus to homeschool.

Eric and I have been really playing up homeschool for Cordelia so she would be  excited too. We wanted to make sure she felt her day was fun and exciting too.

Cordelia and I spent a great morning doing school work. She blasted through the work, confirming my suspicions that she would blow through kindergarten in no time. We laughed a lot! We did reading, spelling, handwriting, French, and a few other curriculum selections. 

Soon it was time to pick up Elise we put our work away and headed back to the preschool.

When it was time to pick up Elise Cordelia was at the gate, calling her name, eager to hear that her sister had been OK.

Elise had a great time. Her teacher told me that she spent the first half of the day talking to adults. They finally convinced her to play with her peers, or as she calls them, "the babies."

Next we met up with my parents for a lunch date. I so appreciate my parents for  all that they do. They encouraged Eric and I to homeschool. They take time out of their lives to be present in the daily lives of the girls. They were happy to listen to each girl as they recounted their school days.

My mother and Elise.

Cordelia and my dad.

After lunch the girls and I met up with friends for a play date. We came home and finished up school and then had some much  needed down time. A very successful first day!


Sarah Purdy said...

What a big day in your house! I'm glad things went well. Those photos are beyond precious!!

Anonymous said...

the wisdom of Cordelia... it would be nice to have those sayings in one spot, as in a book.
Is Cordelia left-handed? What about Elise?
That sounds like very full day. Hope all of you slept well!

affectioknit said...

WOW!...big steps...and the outfits are darling...

~Have a lovely day!

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