Thursday, September 24, 2015


You may know that I have a deep fear of squirrels. Well, today I was put to the test. Our yard squirrel Frisbee, who lives in the tree across from our daughters' room, is ill. Very ill. We noticed him last night. He was squatting in our yard, retching. It looked as though he was choking, but there was no obvious obstruction. We left him alone, because he is a wild squirrel.

I checked on him again after the girls were in bed and he was gone. This morning I went and looked I couldn't find him. Then I saw him come down, slowly and clumsily, from his nest. He was not better. 

I called my friend, Lindsey, she runs a local animal rescue. She came over, taking time from her day job, and caught the squirrel! She did it so delicately that the squirrel didn't seem too phased by the process. She called in all of the favors with animal care professionals. He can't get in to see a vet until tomorrow, but if he can be helped he has another person willing to rehab him. 

While it is possible that he is just at the end of his short life it seemed like we had to do something. One living thing extending compassion for another. I am so grateful for people like Lindsey. 

For now he is nestled in the cat carrier, safe from neighborhood cats and dogs. He has access to food and water. He is at least, I hope, feeling a bit more safe as he suffers. Hopefully animals can sense our compassion. Hopefully it matters.

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Melodee said...

Of course it matters! Your coolness factor, which was already high by my estimation, just skyrocketed.

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