Monday, September 28, 2015

Patron's Ball

Eric and I often find ourselves in situations that are well outside of our comfort zone. When we were offered free tickets to the Patron's Ball in Cody, WY we accepted because it seemed like a good way to meet art collectors and make some connections for Eric as a curator. They say artists are used to walking in a variety of worlds. I certainly agree. This was definitely a different kind of world. We ended up having quite a surreal experience.

We drove up to Cody on Friday, leaving the girls for a fun weekend with my parents. This was my first time in a different town from the girls and it was definitely unsettling. I just focused my energy on enjoying a fun evening with Eric and our friends Zak and Renata who were also given tickets to the event.

We dressed up. Eric in a vintage tux and me in an $18 dress. I mention the cost because later, in the restroom, I heard one woman bragging about the amazing deal she got on her dress, $768---her friends couldn't believe the savings?! Different reality than my own.

We arrived at the ball where there was a red carpet and were greeted by the director of the museum. There was a band, dancing, food and drinks, silent auction, lots of mingling, and freedom to roam and look at art.

For our meal we were seated in the Whitney Gallery next to a rather bloody battle scene. Our table was filled with really interesting and accomplished folks. We spent hours talking and making connections.

Here we are in the Whitney Gallery. This was shortly before things got crazy! We met and talked art with senators, current and former governors, legislators, and the former Vice President. It was so strange!

We just sort of absorbed the unique experience for what it was.

When it was time to eat we asked the staff if they could perhaps make us a cheese free salad. The chef, who was in the midst of serving a gazillion guests, came over to us and said he would whip up a vegan dinner. So we had a salad and then he delivered us an absolutely mouth-watering vegan dinner. We had been expecting to eat in our hotel room after the event, what a treat! We will definitely be writing a letter of thanks.

Our friend Zak was given this business card by a legislator. Ha! 

After the gala we had a glass of champagne (or a mini-bottle in a Wyoming beer koozy) with our friends before heading to bed.


Our hotel room had a boot lamp with a bolo tie.

The next morning we had coffee and breakfast with friends before heading home, eager to see the girls.

When we made it home we were all exhausted and spent the rest of the day relaxing. Now, having spent a weekend with a bunch of millionaires I am happy to snuggle with some kids and plan for a 6 year old birthday party.

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