Friday, September 25, 2015

Phone Photo Friday 8.25.15

Week in review

Last Friday, watching my friend Gabrielle Reeves give a lecture on her art.  

At a concert with my friend Sarah, after Gabrielle's lecture.


Cordelia's ensemble. Apparently if you are born in Wyoming you naturally gravitate toward socks and sandals.

Pirate Elise

On Saturday I texted my friend Laura who now lives in CO. We text infrequently, maybe a few times a month, so it wasn't like we were in regular contact. Instead of responding she knocked on our door! We had no idea she was in town and I texted her as she was arriving at our house. Basically I am psychic. The girls freaked out! They love Laura.

Eric giving Cordelia drum lessons.

Family walk.

My mom with the girls.

Lucy and Betty

Cordelia lost and found her treasured polar bear Pulli.

Playing Dr. Mario and eating hummus.



First of fall was a misty morning.

Making skulls for a large community Day of the Dead event I am hosting with a friend. 


Eric and Elise

Sometimes homeschooling happens in the hammock.

Eric gave Elise a piggy back ride on a walk...

Then Cordelia needed one.

Elise swinging with her grandma.

Hard to see, but it is my dad running on a hill with the girls.

Cordelia with Frisbee who sadly passed away in spite of our efforts to save him. RIP Frisbee, we will miss you.

Elise in my hat.


Early morning sister snuggle.

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about Frisbee.
You are a compassionate and loving family and I am sure he sensed it.

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