Friday, September 11, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 9.11.15

This week has been insane. We have had illness, human and animal---seriously all of us have been hit except the cats. The girls started school. I finished final grading for one of my online courses, no small task. I have been prepping for a QuickDraw tonight. Eric has been prepping for the annual art auction at the museum. There have been meetings, lessons, prep work, classes, work, etc. We are looking forward to winter for its power to lock people in their homes. When we look at our calendar this month we have something going on nearly every single day. We are exhausted!! Tonight we have a fancy schmancy event to attend. The girls get to have a sleep over with their grandparents. We are all looking forward to tonight!

Let's take a look back over the week...

Cordelia at the library.

Elise at the library.

Pulling seeds from a sunflower.

Eric and Atomic Betty Sprinkles.

 Vegan sticky buns for the first day of school.

Afternoon exploring.

This girl.

Playing whack-a-mole. Probably not the most vegan game...

Field roast, seared zucchini with rainbow chard and onion, herbed garlic couscous.

First day of preschool.

Homeschool has been going so well! Next week she starts a homeschool science group.

My mom with the girls. Three of the ladies I love most.

This photo again, because I love it.

Drawing late at night. Trying always to become a better artist.

More homeschool.

Cordelia and Elise played ninjas.

Cordelia made Elise her ninja apprentice. I just took photos.

Eric and Elise. That look Eric is giving is the "you know this photo is back lit and will be very dark" look. I took the photo anyway because I am a rebel.

How has your week been?

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