Friday, September 18, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 9.18.15

How are we more than halfway through September?! Let's review the week's evidence.

Last Friday, the girls on a stage at the museum as Eric was setting up for the big art auction. Seriously they saw the stage and ran for it. I had to pull them down. 

On my way to the auction.

My friend Gabrielle Reeves and me with our quick draw pieces at the auction.

Cordelia and Elise the following day. They were wiped out after a fun night with their grandparents.

This kid.

Homeschool continues to be such fun! 

Elise with a clear plastic bucket over her head because,"the babies are just too loud."

Eric met up with Elise and I while Cordelia was at a homeschool science group. 

Cordelia popping a thumbs up to the camera. She was in the middle of creating a feast for her stuffed animals and Frisbee the squirrel.

Last night Eric gave a lecture for his retrospective photo show. He did an amazing job!

The girls worked on crafts during the lecture. Their awesome grandma came prepared.

A blurry photo with the best woman I know. Hands down, my mother is amazing beyond all words and reason.

Happy Friday.

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Mom said...

Thank you for your sweet gift of words. I feel honored...and emotional!

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