Saturday, September 12, 2015

Quick Draw

Last night was the annual art auction at the museum. The annual event is a big deal for the museum. Artists from the region auction art and split the profit. The fundraiser is very important for the museum and it is a huge undertaking for the entire staff. Eric worked something like 15 hours yesterday and I am positive that much of the staff did the same.

The girls had a lovely evening/ sleep over with my parents last night so Eric and I were able to work at the event. Eric worked the whole night, meeting with event goers, speaking, moving art, talking with artists, etc. He was on his feet.

I worked too. I,along with four other artists, did a quick draw. Each artist made a completed work within an hour. For the weeks leading up to the event I worked to develop a piece that I could finish in a single hour. For those of you who are not artists, an hour is insanely fast turnover. All of the artists felt the pressure, because we knew that when our work was done it was immediately going to be auctioned off.

I set up in a gallery alongside fellow artist (and good friend) Gabrielle Reeves. A string quartet was in the next gallery.

We set right to work, talking with each other and the party goers filtered by, watching us paint and asking questions. It was fun, but definitely a strange experience.

I completed my piece right on the dot and as it was drying I was led up in front of the crowd. I had not expected to be up front for the auction. I was guided, holding my piece, in front of the crowd. I said something about the piece and then stood their awkwardly while it was bid upon. There was a moment of terror when I was afraid that nobody would bid on the piece, but thankfully it raised more than I had hoped! All of the profit went to the museum, so I was really happy to help contribute! All of the artists did so well!

Here Gabrielle and I are holding our completed works.

ALSO, if you have been following my blog  for a while then you know that Eric and I have a thing with newscasters. A sort of joking competition. Anyway...guess who was interviewed last night?

Yep, this lady was interviewed. I said stuff that mostly made sense, but in my head I kept thinking,"your face is moving in weird ways!!!"

The night was a great success, but I hardly saw Eric. We had hoped to have a photo taken together, but didn't have a moment alone the whole evening. When the night was over we came home and ate a ton of food and went to bed. We picked up the girls, who had such fun, and then I had to teach lessons.


Anonymous said...

Even though you hardly saw Eric all night, both of you were working on a very good cause "together"

Sarah Purdy said...

Glad last night was a success! Whew! What a relief! I can't imagine the stress of painting on a deadline.

Stacy said...

Love the piece! Your talent amazes me. I'm glad it was a successful night.

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