Saturday, October 24, 2015

All Dead All the Time

I have been working on Day of the Dead for ages now. I have mentioned a few times here that I am planning an event with a friend. The Dia de Los Muertos event will happen at the local art museum early next month. I have been feeling steeped in a culture that is not my own. 

Yesterday I did an interview about this event and it struck me that it is pretty bizarre that a Norwegian (German, Irish, etc.) lady is planning an event that would seem to have very little to do with me.

While, there is not a drop of Latino blood in my body I am still working to promote cultural appreciation and to start a new community tradition. Day of the Dead is rooted in a religious holiday with which I am quite farmiliar. Additionally I have degrees in history and art history, which give me a little cred. More than anything though I have been longing for more cultural appreciation in my community. I really want the youth (with whom I have been working on weekly projects for the event) to learn that there is so much more beyond Wyoming.

On a greater scale Day of the Dead challenges us all to look at our fear of death, reminding us to accept reality, and deepen our appreciation for the life we are given. 

I find that I am becoming known as the lady with all of the skull art, but I don't really mind so much if I am able to share new ideas with my community.

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