Monday, October 5, 2015

Cordelia's Sixth Birthday Party

Saturday was CRAZY! Eric was out of town for work and had been since the day before. The night before I had made one layer of the cake. The girls and I woke bright and early to check in on the pig we are watching (she is too cute FYI). Then I fed and clothed us all, picked up a bit, made the second layer of cake, and it was time for lessons. I teach private painting lessons on Saturday mornings. Normally Eric hangs with the girls while I teach, but I was rolling solo. So I set the girls up with Frozen and led my classes. Then it was time for lunch, another piggy check, cleaning and party prep. Around that time I received word that Eric was headed home, he would just make it in time for the party.

While I was sweeping the floors (a daily necessity when you have four furry creatures) I had the girls clean their room. I got awesome feedback like,"Why are you doing this to us?" and "How can we possibly clean this room?"

I replied,"Oh you only have to clean up the stuff you want to keep."

Cordelia panicked and started cleaning. Elise said,"Just throw it all away, I am too tired." Eventually they both picked up their room. I got everything ready for the party, but I don't think I stopped moving from 5 in the morning until after the sun set. When the house was fully cleaned and decorated, space was the theme, it was about time for the party to start. Eric arrived with minutes to spare.

 Cordelia's 6th birthday
Waiting for the party

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Cordelia in her space suit. She paired it with flowery sandals.

Elise at Cordelia's 6th birthday
Elise in her helmet.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Waiting for the guests to arrive.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Before his out of town trip Eric had made a Pin the Rocket to the Moon game. It was a success.

 Cordelia's 6th 
Black space cake with stars. I made the black was a bit intense.
Cordelia's 6th birthday
Cordelia took her sweet time making a wish. 

Cordelia's 6th birthday
This is what black frosting looks like. ****Note: Never again. Also, this frosting makes a second and third appearance in the days to follow, if you catch my drift, to the delight of my children.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Cordelia tries for the Mars pinata. I transformed a soccer ball pinata into Mars, with the magic of spray paint. We had talked about making an Earth pinata, but it seemed odd to have kids beat on the planet. So we opted to beat on another planet.

Cordelia's 6th birthday
Elise going for the pinata. The pinata was a big hit (pun intended, obvs).

My mother also showed up and was a big help. This was the first drop off party that we have hosted, meaning that the parents left their children in our care. It was definitely less crowded than parties with 6 guests plus parents and siblings, but it was very wild and loud. All of the kids had a great time, but it definitely took all adults to keep things in line. One guest fell and definitely did not hurt herself, but was crying. I told her we had a nurse (my mom) on hand to take care of her. My mom was such a pro. She rolled back her pant leg to inspect the injured knee and said,"Oh yeah, I can see where it is almost a little red. I need you to keep that leg moving." Like magic the tears were gone and the girl was playing in moments.

My bestie, and mother to one of Cordelia's besties, was basically amazing and returned with a bottle of wine. When the party wound down and the kids went home happy we went and checked in our piggy again, ate dinner and put the girls to bed. I slipped into manatee socks and enjoyed a well-earned glass of wine in front of the space heater.


Mom said...

You guys made such a good memory for that little space girl!

sara said...

Happy birthday Cordelia! Beautiful cake. I love Elise's cleaning ennui. I feel the same sometimes!

Victoria said...

So creative! Much love to Cordy on her big occasion!

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