Monday, October 26, 2015

First World Problems

Photo is unrelated, but I wanted to share.

Most of my problems are utter nonsense, trivial and manageable. I sometimes catch myself complaining about the most ridiculous stuff and I think, "What am I doing? Who am I worrying about things that truly do not matter at all??!" So I am going to list out some of this nonsense to laugh at...

• When you go into the bathroom after someone has taken a shower and the floor is wet.

• When you try to put your hair up in a ponytail holder and it is too small to loop that extra time for a secure ponytail.

• When you run out of ketchup or syrup. What is even the point of fries or pancakes without those things?

• When you need to get up and do stuff, but all you want to do is lay in bed for 29 more minutes.

• Trimming dog toenails.

• When all of the berries at the store look a few days past their prime.

•Putting away laundry and not having enough hangers. Where do they disappear to???

• When you finish binge watching a series on Netflix and simply cannot find another to watch. The horror.

• When you cannot find the source of the off odor in the kitchen (usually it is a forgotten potato).

What is on your list?


Victoria said...

Yep, those are small! Let's see:
-someone else's hair on the shower soap
-caution tape up on the only aisle I need access to in the store
-something...anything in my eye
-big pharma commercials
-fruit flies

Pam Brewer said...

Forgotten potatoes are the worst!

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