Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Heart Day

Saturday morning Cordelia invented a holiday, Happy Heart Day. She described it as being kind of like Valentine's Day, but for everyone. She cut out a hundred, maybe more, hearts that she colored herself. She shoved them all in her purse. 

I had to go all over town distributing fliers for an event and she tagged along, handing out hearts to everyone she thought needed a heart. Apparently most people needed a heart.

Here she is running back to the car after a stealthy heart drop at her grandparents' house.

I loved watching total strangers light up when my sweet girl handed them a heart. Elise tagged along, not quite sure what was happening, and showed people her toy iguanadon named T-Rex. The double combo of both girls was pretty ridiculous in its over-the-top sweetness. Some people were genuinely moved by the effort. She was also so very happy to just be making people smile. It was a great day!

*we also discussed how they are never to approach strangers without a parent.


Mom said...

So proud.

Emily said...

Love this! What a kind hearted little girl! :)

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