Thursday, October 8, 2015

Homeschool Update

I thought I would give a little homeschool update as I am asked about it on a regular basis.

Let me tell you that Cordelia and I are loving homeschool. Sunday evenings I plan out the week, putting her books and activities into daily bins. We usually work in the mornings. School takes a few hours. Well, the focused and organized part of school takes a couple of hours, but I am finding that we let learning spill over into our lives together. We compare prices and check weights at the stores. We learn about art and nature and anything as the day unfolds, taking any and every opportunity. I save the subjects that require the most focus for the days that Elise will be at preschool. 

We work through our lesson plans and often are able to include Elise in the process; if it is too advanced I will find an activity to entertain Elise while Cordelia works.

We have been at this for a month and I have seen amazing leaps in Cordelia! She  is reading! Not just hobbling over the words, but she is reading and her ability is growing exponentially. She excels and math and science. Art is obviously just part of our daily life. I have also noticed progress in Elise, even though I haven't been focused on teaching her. She has been learning at preschool and has been so present as Cordelia is learning that she too is picking up so much!

We work through areas where she lacks confidence and take our time. We love choosing random subjects and researching them in the afternoons. She is also attending a homeschool science class and will soon be joining gymnastics.

Overall I am really pleased with our decision. Of course there have been challenging times, but really they have been small hurdles. Communication growth with Cordelia has been pretty amazing, just talking and learning and working together. She is so inquisitive and smart. I am excited for the future and so is she!

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