Friday, October 16, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 10.16.15

Hello! We are at the end of yet another week. Things have been busy as usual, but it is good. Eric and I have been home every night this week--well since Sunday. This has been a rare treat, but the girls have been fighting through colds. No big deal, but fitful nights as of late. Mostly we have been shifting gears, trying to slow down (I say as I am on the cusp of some major work). Next week my friend Jennifer will arrive for some fun and relaxation. What are you up to?

Our week in review:

The girls playing at a rest area outside of Sheridan, WY. We generally stop every couple of hours on a road trip. Girls get a little break and do pretty well.

Lanie and Elise in Montana. We spent some time in Montana over the weekend enjoying the beauty and good times with friends.

Montana with snow on the mountains

A very tired broccoli eater. She did not sleep well in Montana---probably all of the restful quiet and dark. She was tired and whiney on the way home.

Elise in motion. She is always talking and/or moving.

Cordelia and Lucy in the living room.

This homeschooler.

Elise and me.

Sisters on a gorgeous evening stroll.

Evening in Wyoming. 

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