Friday, October 2, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 10.2.15

Well I have actually shared many of my phone photos this week. So you are getting a rather abbreviated version of the usual. 

View of my town

Selfie from the Patron's Ball in Cody.

Another photo from Cordelia's ear piercing.

Talking to her uncle and aunt (Ben and Sara) on her birthday. When she picks up the phone she says,"Cordelia speaking."

Cordelia and my dad.

Elise with a box on her head.

Eric and Elise.


My brother Sam and the girls.

Yesterday at the pediatrician for check ups. They are growing, well Elise barely is, she is quite petite and still under 30lbs, but they are both healthy and happy kids.

Hope you are well!

1 comment:

Sarah Purdy said...

Phone Photo Phridays are my Phavorite!!

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