Friday, October 30, 2015

Phone Photo Friday: 10.30.15

What a week! My friend Jennifer came all the way from Australia to spend some time with us! We had a great time and she is such a laid back guest that it was an easy and natural week!

Jennifer and the girls on a surprisingly chilly mountain hike.

These girls of mine. They were basically totally wild this week.

We even found a bit of snow and Jennifer did a senior photo pose.

Last Friday my mother watched the girls while Eric, Jennifer, and I watched The Martian.

Jennifer, me, Eric

Eric and me.

Playing together.

She dressed herself...

Jennifer hiked her first mountain. She did great even though I am sure she was feeling the altitude! 

Elise and Jennifer had s special bond.

Completing a painting.

Antelope in the parking lot.

Cordelia reading at a bookstore.

Not sure what was going on here, but Eric let this happen to himself.

Pumpkin carving

Wednesday we had planned to go to the corn maze. We drove out of town and on seriously muddy roads only to find the maze was closed. Jennifer was deeply disappointed. Just look at that sad face. Corn maze dreams dashed.

Elise was disappointed too.

We rallied from the corn maze debacle and hit the natural bridge.

Under the bridge.


A rather random photo of Elise at preschool for pajama day (donuts were a hit by the way) with her good friend.

The girls (still in pajama day pajamas) said goodbye to Jennifer at the airport.

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